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The CastleArk Advantage

Our Firm

Since its 1999 founding, CastleArk has offered value-added investment disciplines, spanning multiple Growth, Energy, and Total Fund objectives. Our culture is built on the values of a Boutique Investment Partnership.   Our philosophy is rooted in fundamental company research combined with sound and differentiated risk management principles.  Our investment philosophy and processes exploit behavioral biases found in growth stocks and have produced strong, excess returns over time.


Our Partnership

CastleArk’s 100% employee-owned partnership structure attracts experienced investment professionals to create an alignment of interests in a collaborative environment.


To foster an intellectually inclusive culture that is research-driven, client-focused, and where asset growth does not dilute our stakeholder’s return expectations.

Our Value Add

Global Perspective

Our investment analysis extends beyond the individual company, style, or geographic focus.  We look for ideas from a wide breadth of perspectives and incorporate economic regime conditions in both equity and fixed income markets.  As we invest globally our collaborative,  fundamental work provides critical insights into opportunities and helps us to capture change in all major markets.

Stock Selection

Academic research shows that investor biases exist across financial markets irrespective of style or geography, as they come from the human condition.  Recognizing opportunity often requires us to suppress our instincts, question our assumptions, and think deeply about market expectations for future earnings and cash flows while understanding the risk also inherent in how investors think and act.

Economic Risk Management

We believe industry-standard risk measurement processes are an incomplete method to understand total portfolio risk.  Our risk management process allows us to compare how economic factor risk is being priced across markets. It has been built to identify the classification and economic risks present across our products and portfolios.  It complements conventional disciplines while protecting against unintended bets.

CastleArk Management, LLC is a registered investment advisor registered with The Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

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